About Us

My name is Jeff Downing, I am the CEO of JAK Rescue and the creator of our patented JAK Harness.  I am a disabled USMC veteran as well as a career firefighter, member of IAFF local 4, in Des Moines, Iowa for the last 22 years.

In my career, I personally, as well as most of my colleagues, have received numerous back injuries from moving patients. 

I always joked with my crew that I should build a device that was ergonomically safer and easier to use than the devices that we had. In my department, we always ran with three crew members on lifting assist calls and it always took one member to stand at the feet to keep them from sliding while the other two did all the heavy lifting. 

Finally,  I decided to make a device. I worked closely with our EMS Chief as well as anyone that had input.  After a year, the JAK Harness was born. 

It met all the input I had, easy to install, 100% spray and wipe clean, plenty of handles to allow 2 to 4 people to do the lifting, thigh straps to keep the patients from sliding on the floors allowing us to concentrate on safe lifting techniques. 

It lifts the patients by their buttocks, instead of their shoulders and arms or rib cages, where most have injuries to already.  We are constantly surprised at the patients response after being lifted by the JAK Harness. They rave at how good it felt or how easy it was for them. We never had positive comments on our old devices we used.

When the patent was approved and I took them to just our metro fire departments to sell. I was amazed that over 70% of the departments bought our JAK Harness. 

This was a lot higher number than I expected, but after careful listening to their concerns and problems, I knew we were all having the same issues and the JAK Harness filled the gap. 

The frequency of calls to help fallen persons has sky rocketed with the older population staying at home longer and the invention of life alert style devices.