About Us

My name is Jeff Downing, I am the founder of JAK Rescue and the creator of our patented JAK Harness.  I am a USMC veteran as well as a career firefighter, member of IAFF local 4, in Des Moines, Iowa for the last 23 years.

In my career, these lift assist calls have increased in frequency, and the patients are getting larger.  We used tarps with handles, sheets, and numerous methods.  The problem we encountered, is the handles were not in our power zone, patients could slip out, and injuries were occurring.

The larger patients were particularly a problem, as well as the handicapped patients that needed back into their wheelchair.  The old houses have small bathrooms and were a challenge to get more than 1 person in to help.  The JAK Harness is designed for 1 person to install and slide the patient out to the hallway, where more lifters could assist.

It met all the input I had, easy to install, 100% spray and wipe clean, plenty of handles to allow 2 to 4 people to do the lifting, thigh straps to keep the patients from sliding on the floors, allowing us to concentrate on safe lifting techniques. A one size fits all, with no parts to be left at a home or in the rig.

It lifts the patients by their buttocks, keeping the load low and the handles in our power zone!  We are constantly surprised at the patient's response after being lifted by the JAK Harness. They comment at how good it felt or how easy it was for them. We never had positive comments on our old devices we used.