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The JAK Harness, gives lifters a mechanical advantage to provide a safe, easy and fast way to get a person up on their feet or back into their wheelchair!

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A long overdue invention to help the helpers!

Slipped on ice? Fallen in the home?

The JAK Harness can get persons of all sizes to their feet safely and easily without painfully pulling on your arms or shoulders.

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Everyone Will Need Help At Some Point!

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The JAK Harness is the safest, and easiest to use, patient lifting device on the market. The JAK Harness eliminates the need to lift patients from under their vulnerable shoulders, and allows you to lift them in a comfortable sitting position. The best part of this device is that you maintain total control of the patient during the lifting process. The lifting handles that are placed at multiple heights allow you to grab at a position that is safe and comfortable for your back. The JAK Harness is easy to clean and return to service, and even easier to use due to the simple design. Two clicks and you’re ready to go. If you’re looking for a safe, durable, easy to use, and proven lifting device, look no further than the JAK Harness.

Nate Jones | Firefighter | Des Moines, IA

Our department recently purchased the JAK harness. I have to say, I am impressed with how much we use it. The elderly fall cases are increasing. The ability to safely get folks up off of a floor without injuring responders or the patient has been the true benefits we are seeing. Yesterday the patient said, “I really like this” as we assisted them to a car for a doctor’s appointment. The ability to effectively clean the device on scene is also a benefit. I recommend this device over other devices we have tried. 

Ray Reynolds | Fire Chief-Critical Care Paramedic _ City of Nevada, Iowa

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